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Jul 23, Ann rated it really liked it. Perkins gives another beautifully-written book with characters readers care about.

Anne becomes queen and is soon swayed by Sarah's politics

The rich details of place and culture underscore the deep emotions Asha, Reet and their mother feel at dislocation and grief. I loved the images of depression as "The Jailer"and a psychologist as "a mender of minds. I'm ready for a sequel to show how each sister's life changed and how she might have been able to carve out her own identity despite difficult choices. How about a book with alternating chapters in each sister's voice, from their respective countries?

Oct 26, Flowery Books rated it it was amazing. This tale is set in India, about a girl named Asha Gupta, her older sister, Shona, and their hard-working mother. As the three travel to Calcutta to stay with relatives, her father searches for a job in America. In the middle of the story, terrible news returns to the family and relatives about their beloved father.

I found myself rereading this book multiple times because of its beautiful, descriptive storyline and values of individuality, loyalty and resilience. I highly recommend this book and only wish it had a sequel.

Let's go spelunking through years of my cousin's crazy right-wing emails

May 14, Heather rated it liked it Shelves: teenfiction. A beautiful story of family, love between sisters and of promises kept. The only reason I didn't give it four stars was because it reminded me so much of the book "Climbing the Stairs" that I sometimes felt I had read it before. Jan 14, Nicole Reading Books With Coffee rated it it was ok Shelves: contemporary , children-young-adult , diverse-reads , set-in-india , own-voices , , indian-mc , indian-author.

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I did feel for Asha and Reet, and I can't begin to imagine what it's like to have a marriage arranged for you, or to know that your decisions are not your own to make. Asha has her own path, and while it differed from the traditional path her family I've wanted to read this book for a while, and after reading You Bring The Distant Near last year, I finally decided to read Secret Keeper. Asha has her own path, and while it differed from the traditional path her family wanted her to take, she knew what she wanted.

It's very different than the path that her sister took. I found it hard to wrap my mind around the fact that their uncle could make decisions- such as their future spouse- for them since their father was trying to find a job in the U. It's a very different life than the one I know, and it's not bad.

It's just very different and hard for me to picture. I did like Asha, and how much she wanted to help people. Wanting to be a psychologist really opened doors for her, and it really seemed like a way for her to take care of her mom and her sister, especially after her dad died. I also liked that she considered her diaries from her father her secret keeper, but I didn't particularly care for actually reading the diary entries.

I also liked how Reet wanted to take care of her mother and sister as well, and how getting married allowed her to help them. It's strange how one event can change everything, and how we all need to make sacrifices. My Rating: 2 stars. Even though there were things I liked about Secret Keeper, it was just okay for me. I had a hard time getting into it, and I wish I liked it more than I actually did.

Her Cousin's Keeper

Apr 08, Abby Bauernfeind rated it it was amazing Shelves: women , classroom , multicultural , influence. The reader is exposed to the issues that occur in India on a level that does not require any prior understanding. There is so much to appreciate in this book that the author tackles the issue of gender roles in Indian tradition. The vehicle for covering the gender role issue spreads across characters as Asha, her mother and her cousins — specifically her male cousin, all experience some problem that is exacerbated by the traditional role of genders.

Cousin Keeper🙈🙈

The reader can relate to those gender role issues no matter what their culture is or where they come from as the presentation of the issues is done so to reach all readers as it invites reflection on their own lives. The book encourages readers to think about the luxuries they may be afforded through school that Asha does not have and critically consider the complications that arise for Asha. Secret Keeper I wanted to cry, I felt such sadness as I was reading this. What is it like to be bound by customs and society?

What must it be like to want to live your dreams but can't because you are not the right gender?

My heart went out to Asha, I loved her. I know some will say that it is impossible to love a character because they are not real, but I loved her.

As I read 'Secret Keeper', Asha became my friend. I understood her pain and hope that she would find joy. I was sad that she felt she had to sacrifice something she really wanted even though her sacrifice was born out of love. It still hurt me to see her pain. I not only felt for Asha but for her mom and sister too. I'm so thankful that the author gave us readers a glimpse into her culture, it was eye opening and it let you know not to be so quick in judging others' customs or lives.

This was a beautiful, heartbreaking story. May 23, Celia Buell rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: lovers of world lit and YA fiction. Shelves: own-voices. It's funny, but when you use reading as a form of procrastination, you're usually expecting it to be easy enough to put down, and definitely not a page turner or at least I am, because I know I should be studying--just two finals left and then I'm a high school junior, guys!