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This is a reality for three expats who have paid off their mortgages in different ways and are now free to enjoy a debt-free life.

Temporarily Leasing Out Your Home

When Terry Coles and her husband Clyde decided to leave the U. But after their first trip to Europe a few years later they were overcome with the desire to travel.

In return, the housesitter gets to stay in the home, rent-free. In some cases, you may even get the use of a vehicle.

Woman lives nine years in forgotten house for free

We loved it so much that we sold everything and began housesitting fulltime around the world. First stop was the Andes mountains of Ecuador, where we lived among the indigenous people. From our apartment in the town of Ambato we could see the smouldering plumes rise from the Cotopaxi volcano.

8 Legit Ways to Live Rent Free

Their wanderlust also took them halfway around the world to the Land of Smiles, Thailand, but it was Europe that stole their heart. We are grateful for the savings housesitting allowed us to make on the way to discovering our new home. He and his wife, Rita, had sold their house in the U. Today, the couple live a mortgage-free retirement.

Clearly, we were living just to work. Ecuador is a diverse country, from the Galapagos Islands to the Amazon basin and the Andes Mountains, from big, modern cities to small, quaint villages.

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The residential building in Clemson was a vacant bank-owned foreclosure in need of major rehabilitation. He was close to living rent-free. Carson initially had no interest in real estate investing, but his parents had owned a few rental properties while he was growing up, which helped spark his post-college foray into the field.

Six months after the repairs were completed and renters had moved into the three units, Carson refinanced the property with a traditional year loan. Before you dive into house-hacking, Julia Lorenz-Olson, 30, co-owner of financial planning firm The Art of Finance , in Austin, Texas, has recommended the following:. With that knowledge in hand, you can nail down how much to charge for rent and compare that to your estimated mortgage payment.

Temporarily Leasing Out Your Home

Create a spreadsheet to track financial transactions, and utilize an online platform like Cozy to handle property management tasks such as tenant screening and rent collection. For instance, can you afford the property?

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Are you confident you can turn it into a great investment?