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A shy girl named Natsu Iwashimizu awakes during a storm and is taken aboard a inflatable boat with three others. No-one recalls what happened, and they paddle their way to a nearby rocky island. The group then look for water and food. They encounter large aggressive insects and decide to leave on the raft they constructed, however they are caught in a storm and are shipwrecked back on the same island.

While exploring, Yanagi falls into a group of insects although he returns later, seemingly unharmed. Elsewhere another group, awaken from cryogenic sleep, and when confronted by their erstwhile leader, Unami, they draw guns and shoot him. Arashi falls ill after eating fungi collected by Natsu, however he soon recovers.

The team continues its search for edible food, but Natsu and Arashi are captured by carnivorous plants and attacked by large rodents, however they are saved by the arrival of Mozu Kaname Mozunoto who was separated from his group. He explains that they are part of a government survival project and Botan explains the 7 Seeds project, but Arashi refuses to believe it and misses his girlfriend Hana. Meanwhile, Yanagi leads his group back to the waterfall where they encountered the giant insects assuring them that it will be safe.

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He then leads them into an underground tunnel, but it's a trap as he has been impregnated with insect larvae. However, he sets himself alight to save the others, and tells them to search for the 7 Fujis. The group returns to the shore and build another raft, and prepare to sail to the closest Fuji, Mt. Ogino Fuji.

Botan's group encounters three people being menaced by a crocodile in a pond, and she immediately jumps in to save them. Natsu realizes their island in a lake, so they build a raft and leave to find the outer shore. They arrive and begin the search for food, but also find the Nagasaki peace statue underwater. Botan decides to head for the nearest Fuji, Mt. Bungo Fuji, also known as Mt. While walking, Natsu accidentally come across the entrance to one of the sealed caches containing the necessary materials for survival and self-sufficiency. Chimaki decides to visit his nearby home town of Kumamoto, and Natsu and Arashi accompany him, however they find that it is underwater.

Arashi decides to travel to his home in Tokyo, vainly hoping to find his girlfriend Hana. Natsu initially accompanies him, but Semimaru follows and joins them. Along the way, they encounter some other humans. Meanwhile, the Spring team discover that they are near the ruins of Yokohama. Arashi, Natsu and Semimaru realize that they have stumbled upon the Fall Team settlement which is above one of the sealed caches in the former Kobe region. The team have already been there for three years, but they are dominated by Akiwo Haza and Ran Shishigaki who ruthlessly allocate tasks to other members of the team and dominate the guide Ryoya Izayoi.

When Semimaru tries to steal some food, the three travelers are tied up. Akiwo and Ran have banned sex in the team to avoid fulfilling the role for which they were selected. Ryoya, frees the three captives, but plans to poison them and everyone else because he feels that the 7 Seeds project has failed, but Semimaru stops him.

They leave, but later, Ryoya helps them launch their inflatable boat to continue their journey towards Eastern Japan. They find another entrance to a sealed cache which is at either Mt. Ogino Fuji or Mt. Kyogatake, but is it is flooded and of little use. Meanwhile, Hana and Haru of the Spring Team paddle their inflatable through the partially submerged ruins of Yokohama. They camp the night in an abandoned church, and return to the team the next day. As Arashi's group settle for the night, they are watched by a bearded man.

Arashi decides to search underwater for signs of humans, but is suddenly confronted by a giant fish. When it tries to attack him, it is suddenly killed by a huge spear thrown by the bearded man accompanied by two wild dogs.

Seeds in the Blood 2 in the Spirit Song Series

His name is Takahiro Aramaki, the only survivor of the Winter Team who died fifteen years ago. Meanwhile, Hana and the Spring Team find the same flooded cache as Arashi, including food, books and supplies that are still intact.

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After they find a letter written by Natsu to any other survivors, Mansaku Tsunomata states that they must accept their current situation and survive. Fearing Takahiro, Arashi, Natsu and Semimaru leave during the night. Takihiro finds himself alone again with his dogs. He recalls how four of his team were killed by a saber-toothed tiger-like cat soon after emerging.

He befriended a wild dog which followed them, but Fubuki was later killed by the same tiger while saving Takahiro and Mitsuru. She later froze to death while dancing in the snow. The dog died from her wounds, but her two pups became the foundation of his pack of dogs.

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Back in the present, Takahiro sees Hana being chased by a dinosaur-like creature and he uses his dogs to save her. Takahiro is taken in by the Spring Team, although there is some mistrust. He tells Hana about the three people he met and she thinks one may be Arashi. Hana accidentally touches a plant which Takahiro says are poisonous, and she begins to develop symptoms. She decides to avoid infecting the others and leaves alone to find Arashi, but she is knocked into the water by a giant fish.

She decides that life is not worth living, but is rescued by Takahiro who takes her to the island on which Summer Team B first landed. However, her health continues to deteriorate, and she wanders off alone expecting to die. When she sees a message carved in the rock by Arashi, she regains the will to live.

Takahiro realizes that salt somewhat neutralizes the poison and finds a salty pond to help Hana recover. Meanwhile, Arashi and his group find another cache and a sailing boat. Arashi, Natsu and Semimaru decide it is time to return to Kyushu and rejoin their team using the sailing boat. Meanwhile, Takahiro, Haru and Hana find a tunnel entrance and two members of the Fall Team underground.

One captures Haru who insists that he has been hearing the sound of a motor. When Takahiro's group go to find them, Akiwo and Ran and Team Fall take their inflatable raft and move further into the underground system which appears to be an evacuation complex. They find that power is available and they access the computer system. Part 1 comprises of eight songs. The songs on the first album are the children. The songs on the second album are their parents.

Ghosteen is a migrating spirit. If one thing is sure, fans must be shaking with anticipation after hearing this news. Get prepared to feast your ears on the dark and sultry sound of Nick Cave like you have never heard before in just one week!

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You must be logged in to post a comment. By William Wordsworth. Thus far, O Friend! My life through its first years, and measured back. To love the woods and fields; the passion yet. Was in its birth, sustain'd, as might befal,. By nourishment that came unsought, for still,. From week to week, from month to month, we liv'd. Prolong'd in summer till the day-light fail'd;. No chair remain'd before the doors, the bench.

When all the ground was dark, and the huge clouds. Were edged with twinkling stars, to bed we went,. For things which cannot be, who would not give,. Which yet have such self-presence in my mind. That, sometimes, when I think of them, I seem. And centre of these joys, and when, return'd. I found that it was split, and gone to build. A smart Assembly-room that perk'd and flar'd. With wash and rough-cast elbowing the ground.

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Which had been ours. But let the fiddle scream,. That more than one of you will think with me. Of those soft starry nights, and that old Dame. From whom the stone was nam'd who there had sate.